Situated behind Campiglia Marittima and the promontory of Piombino, it covers 450 hectares, and it contains unique examples of the mining and metallurgical cycle, from the Etruscan era to the present day. The routes for visiting encompass museums, mining tunnels, a Medieval village of miners and foundrymen founded around one thousand years ago (Rocca San Silvestro) and paths of historical, archaeological, geological and naturalistic interest. The Museum of Archaeology and Minerals, located in the Ticket Office building, houses an exhibition of useful minerals and rocks of the Campigliese and the display of some exhibits found during the digs of Rocca San Silvestro. From here the visit to the Park begins: an expert guide accompanies visitors in the Temperino Mine, to the discovery of the evolution of the techniques used for prospecting and extraction of minerals, and the beauty and charm of the underground world. Coming out of the Mine, there is a climb towards the area of the Earl Shaft, where the storyboards of the Museums of the Mining Machinery and the Miners tell the visitor of the last decades of the mining history, up until the mining crisis in 1976. The stories of the miners, captured on a video screened in the Morteo, the former canteen, introduce the visit of the Lanzi-Temperino Tunnel, where aboard a train, the journey of the minerals is retraced, from the mine of the Temperino Valley to the production installations of the Lanzi Valley. The train emerges at the mouth of a limestone quarry, a sign of the first re-conversion of the mining activities and opened by the Mining Company of Campiglia when the closure of the copper and lead mines was inevitable. Alighting from the train, the visitors overlook the installations which, made for the flotation of minerals, were re-converted into installations for the crushing of the limestone.  The remains of Rocca San Silvestro, which stand majestically on the background of this valley, represent the heart of the Park.



The Way of the Springs is a pleasant and picturesque route that starting from just outside the historic center of Campiglia Marittima , in Fonte Corboli , winds through the hills encountering various sources and sources whose exploitation has led in past centuries to realizzaizone of hydraulic structures of a certain value . 

Meet after the starting point of Loc . Corboli Source , the Source and Source Capattoli and acquadotto Lorenese with its majestic arches in brick , the Fonte di Sotto , from which following the provincial road of San Vincenzo you fall in a short more than 100 meters in the historical center , through Piazza Gallistru and the park of the Civic Center Mannelli.



The Thermal Park Venturina is a large area in the northern part of the homonymous fraction rich in thermal springs which have been used since ancient times. And 'it crossed by the river Fossa Calda, emissary of the warm lake Bottaccio. In the area you can find a range of services and spaces for living, care, wellness.

Le Terme di Venturina, spa offering spa treatments and health and beauty treatments. The historic Hotel Terme di Caldana arose with the name of Catherine Bath in 1904. The new Hotel Spa Pools and SPA

A sports Fitness center pool tennis and various residences; within the Thermal Park you can also find places Restaurants

Il nuovo Hotel Terme Piscine e SPA

Un centro sportivo Fitness tennis piscina e vari residence; all'interno del Parco Termale è possibile trovare anche luoghi di ristorazione.



It is a productive activity that interests historically the hills of our rich territory of materials used for the building and for the steel industry.

The hills of Campiglia Marittima include four of quarries and mines.

La Cava di Monte Calvi articulated in the excavation near the top of the mountain and that of dealing with the material on the road.

The second slot is Monte Valerio, located on the hillside overlooking Lumiere and Venturina. In locations Montorsi are the two mines related to the competence of the Region concessions.

Nearby we can find numerous nature trails for trekking or mountain biking